Lashelle is from South London, UK and is a highly talented R&B/Soul singer. The singer-songwriter is greatly influenced by the soul and urban artists that she has grown up listening too, and hearing her content you can tell the inspiration has been transposed and integrated amongst several different genres.

The South London artist wants to use her music to speak on truths using experience and wisdom. She is also a very intelligent and creative poet, as can be seen from her previous projects.

The Artist

Lashelle is highly skilled in using her range and her subtle vocals to adapt to any track, that is thrown her way. Whether it be a soulful project, to an acoustic song and then to her latest & darker piece of work.

When working with Lashelle, it was very clear to see her ambition and her drive to finalise on a vocal that really defined her character and attitude to the message she wants to send with each message, which correlates to her message, in which the singer wants to speak truths using her experience and wisdom.

The Artist is also very open to working with different genres to find out her path, and find out which direction will be the best success with her subtle and also definitive vocal.

Sweet Drugz

When recording this project with Lashelle at ENTT Studios, it was clear to see her capabilities and skills in the songwriting field. Bringing forward a powerful message through intelligent songwriting, is hard to see nowadays and this is not the only stand out factor in this project.

The singer complements the hard hitting hip hop drums in this song with her vocal range, and the clashing and piercing hi hats in the song still don’t over power the south Londoner’s vocal. Using different vocal effects to switch up the feel of the track and to create different atmospheres and scenarios throughout the length of the song, is another great area in which the singer is able to further strengthen her message through her work.

What’s Next?

Lashelle is now wanting to record a brand new EP with ENTT Studios. The eight track masterpiece is going to be recorded over the winter with the artist, and is going to feature tracks based on different genres and inspirations to the South Londoner’s songwriting.

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