The Ohana Collective, from Santa Barbara, California, are an artistic collection of producers, singers and songwriters that use their lifestyle as an influence for their music. First introduced to ENTT Studios through David Kuperman, who has recorded with the studio before for his individual projects, the Ohana collective have previously released another EP a couple of years back, and upon listening to this collection of art… it simply does not set you up for the new work that has been churned out by the state-side group.

Sound Waves and Beach Days

The EP is made up of 9 tracks and each has their own statement to make. To transition from “Welcome to the family” to “Sound Waves and Beach Days” takes some time to grasp, as the influence of singer-songwriter and rock genres have been injected into the previously light hip-hop feel that made their first release their opening statement. This alone takes you back and makes you think down to the nitty gritty, and the small parts that makes the album so likeable.

In terms of production, the California based group have tightened up on this compared to their first EP. It is great to here a lot of interesting synth sounds and effects within each of these 9 projects, which brings along an electronic influence, and so it’s clear to see the Ohana Collective want to leave their preferences open to the genre categorisation.

There is a large increase in the amount of live instruments that are combined with the hard hitting drums in their second album, compared to their first, and this ties in the with the rock influences that we have previously seen with the individual members of the group as well.

In terms of the songwriting and vocals,  the collective have left this rough and open, which makes it sound very interesting. Firstly, because it is clear to see that it is different from Welcome To The Family, but Secondly because the group want to feel a freedom to their songwriting and way they produce.

Their features on Sound Waves and Beach Days help the collective define themselves, and their songwriting, professionalism and ease to work with can be seen with the successful projects Heyo, Nug and Raw.


The Ohana Collective have put together and moulded a much need injection of rock influenced hip-hop onto a scene where there are more artists wanting to be influenced by the electronic side of hip-hop. The California group have taken their state-side pride and let it shine through in this awesome collection.

Listen now;