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  • Cost – The total cost of your studio session will be calculated with the rate charged by ENTT Studios and multiplied by the number of hours your project will take to complete. This is applied across all services that we offer. If you need any clarification, please get in contact.
  • Late Arrivals
    • Client – If the client is late to their session by more than 50% of the allocated time booked (for example if you have booked three hours and don’t show up after 1h 30min), the studio session will be cancelled. The studio engineer will not be obliged to take the client’s session that day, and the deposit paid by the client will not be refunded. The client will still owe ENTT Studios the remaining amount quoted for the studio session booked. If the client would like to rebook their session, they can do so for another available slot and will need to get in contact with ENTT Studios. The client will be required to pay the full price for the rebooked session, as well as another deposit.
    • Studio Engineer – Studio Engineer – If the studio engineer is more than half an hour late to your session, the client will only be required to pay 50% of the amount, after the deposit, specified by ENTT Studios(for example, if 3 hours are booked with an engineer this is £45, this will be reduced to £33.75 (deposit is £22.50, the recording session will be £11.25)). This policy will run for any cancellations made by ENTT Studios, as ENTT Studios will be obliged to rebook a session at the next available time for both ENTT Studios and the client.
  • Using the Studio without an Engineer – If the client is using the studio without an engineer, A member of staff will meet and greet the client and prepare the client for the session. The member of staff will give the client a contact number, which should be utilised, if there are any problems. We ask that anybody using the studio without an engineer will return studio equipment to the way it was found and turn off equipment via the power sockets, and take any rubbish with them.
  • Client’s inviting personnel to their session – ENTT Studios take their sessions in a relatively small space. This means that, excluding the studio engineer; there can be a maximum of 5 people (including the client who booked the studio), allowed into the studio at one time. If there are more than 5 people, who will be involved in the project, then anybody who exceeds the studio limit (5 people) can wait in the waiting area available to our client. If there are more than 5 people, and some are not involved with the project or recording process, then it is asked they do not attend the session, and the studio engineer is within their rights to put the session on hold until the issue is resolved. If the situation cannot be resolved, the studio engineer is also within their rights to cancel the session, and the client will have to rebook their session. The client will be responsible for full payment for the cancelled session.
  • Cancellation by Client – If the client cancels their session less than 24 hours before the studio session is due to begin, they will be required to pay the full amount due to ENTT Studios. The client will be within their full right to rebook a session, but ENTT Studios will charge this rebooked session at the full price. If there is a cancellation by the client more than 24 hours before the session starts, this will entitle the client to rebook the session or completely cancel the session without cost.
  • Mixing Your Project – For clients that have opted for their project to be mixed at ENTT Studios, this will be charged at £20p/h, for each hour of mixing required. Mixing will not be done in the recording session, as our engineers will mix away from the Bermondsey Studio. We ask that clients allow a maximum of 7 calendar days before the first mixed sample of their project is returned to them. Our Vocal Engineers are different from our Mixing Engineers, and therefore we ask that before our clients leave their recording session, they will inform certain features, effects or sounds they would like on their project, to the Vocal Engineer who will pass this list onto the Mixing Engineer. Once the mix is complete, an email will be sent to the client with the first 50% of the project, and this will include the outstanding cost and details for payment (payment must be done via bank transfer). The engineer can change the overall sound of the project until the client is happy. Once ENTT Studios receives the outstanding payment for the mixing process, the full mix of the project will be sent again. ENTT Studios is obliged to work with the client to perfect the mix until both parties are satisfied. ENTT Studios will allow up to a maximum of five different mixes that will be of no charge to the client. If another mix is required after the first 5, then the extra hours of mixing will be charged to the client.
  • Mastering Your Project – ENTT Studios run a low end and high end mastering service, please get in contact to find out the difference and if there are any further questions. ENTT Studios will only go ahead with mastering your project if the project is mixed, either by ENTT Studios or other means. The Mastering Process is charged at a fixed fee. When mastered, the engineer will send the client an email with the first 50% of the project, the outstanding amount and payment details. When the payment is received, the engineer will send over the full Master. After this, the client can request for the master to be improved if needed so. After three different masters, ENTT Studios will charge the fixed fee designated to the project that the client would be required to pay before receiving their next Master.
  • Complaints – If, for some reason, the client is dissatisfied with the service that ENTT Studios has provided, we kindly request that a formal email is sent to elliott@enttmusic.co.uk, to get this issue resolved. Whether it is an issue of being unable to book a studio session, an engineer cancels, the mixing/mastering process is not satisfactory, please send a formal email. If after this, no resolution can be found; the business details are given at the bottom of this webpage.
  • Payment – Payment for the client’s session will consist of a deposit, that must be paid 24 hours before the session is booked, and payment before the end of the client’s recording session. The deposit will be 50% of the total amount the client’s recording session is quoted at. An invoice for the deposit will be sent separate to that of the full amount owed. The deposit will be non refundable, unless the client cancel’s their session 24 hours before the start time. Payments can be made in any of the following ways;
    1. Bank Transfer – The details for a bank transfer will be given on the invoice that will be sent to the client once the session is booked at ENTT Studios.
    2. Paypal – The details for a PayPal payment will also be given on the client’s invoice sent once the session is booked. However, PayPal charges an extra fee with every transfer processed through their domain. This fee is an extra 3.4% + 20p on top of every transfer (e.g. if you send £100 via paypal, the receipent will only get £96.40). ENTT Studios will charge this extra fee for transfers made through PayPal.
    3. Cash – This is another method that ENTT Studios accept. Cash must be paid for the session before the client leaves the studio, or before any content they have recorded is sent to them. Please be aware there is a £1.50 handling fee ENTT Studios must charge for this however. The deposit payment 24 hours before hand will still be required. If for any reason the deposit cannot be pre-paid, ENTT Studios expect the full payment before the end of the booked recording session. If the session is missed without warning less than 24 hours before hand, the client must pay, via bank transfer, the amount owed. If the outstanding amount is not paid 48 hours after the cancelled or missed session, then the amount owed will be doubled.