So you’ve got a brand new single that you think could propel you to next level, or next stage of your music career?

Or you’ve got a few songs that are produced, record, mixed and mastered to a great standard, and ready to compile an EP together?

Or you’ve got a bunch of songs that are ready to be distrubuted as an album?

Okay great, because you’ve tackled the music end of the music industry! But how do you now make sure that this content, that defines you as an artist and you’ve spent countless hours working on to make sure it is perfect, hits the right ears?

There is a great misconception, in the age of the internet, social media and one-hit wonders, that by uploading your content to Youtube, Soundcloud, Beatport & other online streaming services alone, you’ll gain access to the next level of the music industry as somebody out there will miraculously find you….

The simple factor is this… Without time, hard work and any budget that you can put together to help you, you won’t be able to reach that next level at all.

Think of the business end of the music industry this way. You are in competition with not just every other artist at your level, but every other artist that is releasing music. In other words, you are competing with the rest of the music industry. The people at the top have teams of people targeting different aspects of people’s life to make sure that they are hearing their artist’s music, and then capitalise as much as possible from this.

You don’t have these resources? Well how are you suppose to go to the next stage? It’s simple… you have to work your way up over time, but putting the maximum effort in. And I’m not just talking about maximum effort in general, because it has to be in the right areas.

Let me tell you a few good places to get started;


Think to yourself, why do the artists at the top get so much recognition and respect from many other people? It’s because they know how to market not only their music, but themselves. To be taken seriously, you need to think about, what other competition is out there that compares to you? What style/visuals are listeners of your genre interested in, but then how can you stand out from the crowd?

Photos, Videos & Styling are so important…


Why do we get one-hit wonders? It’s simply because these artists are not credible. They post something viral online, whether it be a huge music release or something like a viral challenge or trend on social media, reap the benefits, and then nobody is interested in the next thing they do.

Yes, so you may be able to capitalise on the success that you get as a one-hit wonder, but it’s short lived. To avoid this, you must work yourself upwards to become a credible artist.

There are ways to achieve this, including press, blogs, collaborations, etc.


One of the most important factors to consider, to ensure that your product does not fall on deaf ears. Again, the people at the top in the business end of the music industry have a dedicated team of people, to ensure that their artists are always popping up on advertisements, radio, adverts, interview videos, in the shops, on Youtube collaborations. Their teams will have special relationships with these big companies to ensure their artist’s music doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

But if you don’t have the team or budget that the big dogs in the business end of the music industry have, fear not because we at ENTT Studios have a solution…


Our team at ENTT Studios, have been involved in both the music and business end of the music industry for 7 years. We understand what sells, how to sell and how to make good business. We are currently in the stage of managing two artists, with a possible third artist later this year. Our artists have so far gone on to work with bigger artist managers, booked for gigs, booked for festivals, up to 15k monthly listeners on Spotify, and other factors to help get interest from labels. We also know how to advise our artists to spend their limited budgets effectively.

Here is one of our artists:

And this is the knowledge that we want to give to you. You can become your own Artist Manager, and get to a stage where you can go to the next level. We aren’t sponsored, or have any loyalties, to any other companies so our opinion is unbiased and we are selling you services that we have tried, and work and have proven themselves to be effective.

As part of our consultancy, you will gain knowledge in some of the following areas;

  • Release Strategy
  • Artist Visuals, Development & Branding
  • Distribution
  • Publishing
  • Sync Licensing
  • Spotify Playlisting
  • Youtube
  • Social Media Posting
  • Finding The Right PR

And several more areas that you need to take you to the next stage.. Don’t get me wrong, you will be working extremely hard, you may feel tired and you will experience some lows… but when you’re talking to music industry professionals and artists, booking agents & managers that can take you to the next place, it is all worth it!

We are offering a 2 hour consultancy, that can either be face to face, over the phone or via an internet video call, to cover ALL areas that need to be considered, not just a few. Make sure to bring a notepad and pen too!

We are offering 20% off of our music consultancy services until 30th June 2020 (normal price is £100). So make sure to get in contact, by emailing; to book in a consultancy to take you to the next stage of your music career.

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