Lizzie Haynes is a singer-songwriter from London, UK. She has been greatly inspired by the works of Shirley Bassey, as the reason for starting her career in the music industry.

Her work ethic is tremendous, as not only has the singer-songwriter been going out into the big city busking, playing open-mic gigs and doing several other shows, but she is also part of a live choir group known as Ensemble. She has also done a live performance for Youtube covering Freddie Mercury. To say that Lizzie is busy, would be an understatement….

The Artist

We first ran into Lizzie at ENTT Studios, while recording an original project, where KaraKaff collaborated with Lizzie to produce Feel The Freedom. Within this session, it was clear to see the up and coming talent shining through with not only her unique tone and style she uses with her vocal, but also with the singer songwriters ability to adapt to a vibe very quickly to produce an excellent result.

The shear power that is possessed in the Artist’s vocal is clear from the moment she starts singing, and this trait is used to entice the listener to her performance and long for the moment when she does “Feel The Freedom” (pun intended) with her vocal.

With Lizzie’s style of writing and the way she is able to adapt her vocals depending on the project, has allowed the opportunity for her to cover some all time classics, such as Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and Calvin Harris’s and Rihanna’s We Found Love. We seriously suggest you take a listen to them all!

Lost Without You – Live Cover Recording

The singer-songwriter has recently recorded a cover of Freya Riding’s Lost Without You, and all of the traits that have been mentioned above in relation to her vocal have shone through. It is also clear to see that the London based singer has great control over her vocal, and the want to go over the top and let her voice seek terriority that is questionable is non-existent.

You can see from the video that Lizzie is connecting with the track, almost showing the audience a vulnerability when she belts out the chorus with the power behind her voice. Justice has been done with this cover, and I’m sure there is plenty more to come from the London based singer-songwriter.

What’s Next?

Well as we saw earlier on from this feature, Lizzie is always keeping busy! And Im sure you’ll be able to catch her either busking somewhere along a scenic route in the nation’s capital, or whether it be at a gig letting her voice capture the hearts and minds of her audience.

You can check out Lizzie’s cover of Freya Riding’s Lost Without You here;