House of Miagi is an Afro/Hip-Hop Artist from London, UK. The singer-songwriter is greatly influenced by the artists closest to him from a young age, starting out in the industry increasing his stringent catalogue of projects to having his last three singles being featured on GRM Daily over the past year alone.

The UK Artist sticks by the saying “Never dictate trends, but offer individual and contemporary pieces that allow a complete freedom to your target”. With this unique approach, we delve into what makes the House Of Miagi and his latest work.

The Artist

His latest EP, Imonitie released in 2017, represents the singer’s personal reflection on life as an up and coming artist on the London Afro Scene. First introduced to ENTT Studios two years back now, the artist has an exceptional ability to song-write based on his personal experiences with just a guitar and his voice.

His abilities stretch beyond this, and as a recording artist, the House Of Miagi has the capability to record over house, afro, R&B, acoustic, urban, hip-hop, and several other genres of music. His ideas as a songwriter are extremely easy for any producer to take a personal outlook on his message, and create a masterpiece from this.


The most recently featured single on the UK Artist’s catalogue is this chilled, cool and vibrant project, which has been showcased with a high quality and professional video on GRM Daily. With this, the House Of Miagi has taken a subject he believes his audience will be familiar with and collated it with simple, but top quality instrumental. The Marimba has been experimented with, and difference instances of reverb have given the track an interesting direction that is paired with dominating and ethnic drums.

The vocals have been well balanced to make the project flow as one, the instrumental has been married to the emotion the House Of Miagi gives with this project. The right amount of autotune has allowed the vibrant afro feel to remain true to the singer-songwriter’s notion for the track, and “By The Way” we can clearly see the London Artist just wants to enjoy and have a good time, as everyone listening to the track will instantly feel.

What’s Next?

For 2019, the Indie/R&B Artist wants to keep working, progressing and learning. Expanding his current catalogue of projects to expose the up and coming artist to new audiences, and to start the new year with a fresh mind set and new ideas to his top quality and professional writing style.

Check out House Of Miagi’s latest single “BTW” right here;