Cindy Belliot is from Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has been heavily involved in the music, theatre and arts industry. She started out by doing TV work, Commercials and Theatre work in Holland, before taking the decision to come to London to further pursue her career.

The Dutch performer has been heavily involved in the theatre industry while in London featuring in Motown the Musical and Aladdin in the west end, Promotion for her roles in both plays, and as a result has had plenty of experience in the recording studio for these positions.

Cindy has also done work for Dutch Label BMG Tapla, recording demo vocals for the outfit.

The Artist

As we can gather already, there is a multitude of talent her, and Cindy has not put all of her eggs into one basket her. It is great to see the development of skills in so many different areas, and it has clearly paid off.

Cindy is highly interested in Dance Music, Pop Music and Theatre Music, given her origin and background. Cindy is a genuine recording artist, who does not only have an exceptional vocal and aptitude to work, but is also extremely efficient, effective and easy to work with.

The Dutch artist is also able to adapt to the type of project that is thrown at her very easily. Whether it be a very soulful and down to earth track, that has a dance element of course, or whether it be an upbeat and expressive Theatre Production, we believe that this clearly shows the abilities that Cindy has.

Clarity & Scared to be Lonely Covers

A simple search for the artist and going to her latest audio will give you an understanding as to how easy it is to connect with the artist. Cindy makes it not only easy for people to find out about her, but also says to understand her message that she gives across with each performance she gives, which can be grasped from her performing in the west end.

The two covers have different meanings altogether, and coming back to my point of performance, Cindy has shown us that she can use her excellent vocal and emotion to brighten a track, and to not just be the cherry on top of the cake, but to be part of the foundations.

The dutch musician and performer is an excellent recording artist, and it can be clearly seen with the way she produces her vocal, and her vocal control is professional, her breathing is professional and her timing is also very professional.


It has been a joy working with Cindy on these particular covers and we look forward to what she does next, whether it be in the music, theatre or arts industry.

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