Ansah resides in London, UK, and is a DJ/producer interested in EDM and House Music. The producer, from the South Wales area, has been working on his craft from a young age, and by the age of 16 managed to attract the attention of an overseas production company wanting a remix for Pierre Pascual’s “Saxo Mucho”.

From there, he went onto college to study creative computing at Goldsmiths University, London. He deferred his degree to pursue his career in music, and at that point he gained interest from a German label for his project “I know” which has received a lot of appreciation on European Radio.

The Artist

Ansah gains a lot of his influences from the DJs and Producer of the early 2010’s, such as Afrojack and David Guetta. While the music industry was evolving to be heavily influenced by EDM music, Ansah honed in on his craft and crossed over between these anthem and festival filled hit songs on the radio, to the m0re elegant R&B undertones that would align with the subjects of pop music.

In today’s world the Welsh Artist has put that experience and dedication to good use, and is producing content that is grasping elements of the music that Ansah is highly influenced by, and combining it with something that has credibility on today’s market.

This however is not just the lengths that the producer goes to for his hit tracks. Ansah is very fond of complimenting his track to a vocalist or to a vocal hook and work from there. Seeing this in action is eye opening, and the speed of his work and his determination shines through from his youth when his father instilled him with a fantastic work ethic.

Take any project on the artist’s Soundcloud, and now listen to the way the vocal will be the focal point of the track, and instruments will be placed around this. This is key to any successful project, and modelling it from a sales perspective to put that in the spotlight. But the credibility comes from the various sounds that Ansah uses, and his top line synths that can compliment the vocal very well, and then the hard hitting drums that will make it perfect for any club DJ to play.

This Love (ft. Peach)

Ansah had been to ENTT Studios a few times before recording this particular song, and we had seen the work ethic in the man, and the ability to spot errors that would hinder the track, and work on them and persist with this error until there is something workable. It was great to see the mind ticking over.

This Love is a magnificent project, in a variety of ways. Coming back to what was said in the previous section, Ansah is able to create projects that club DJs can play, but those projects still have credibility. This is exactly what we are talking about with This Love, and to enhance it’s reputation even further, the Welshman has made the track easy to listen to, so it can be heard on the radio, in the club, while you chill and many other circumstances.

If we take a look at the production, Ansah has started off the track with a very cool electric piano chord sequence, given it just the right amount of reverb that matches the Aura and feeling that Peach is giving into her vocals. We then move to the pre chorus and using a very cool Tom and Clap that gives the track that anthem feeling, this is where the artist wants to turn heads in the club and let people know what is about to arrive.

The chorus has been filled with emotion, and yet so much joy with the very cool vocal top line, and the chords side chained with the kick, this is the reason why this project can be related to in so many different situations.

Listen to This Love (ft. Peach) here;

What Next?

Ansah has very recently released the very cool, laid-backed and chilled “One Minute” under the Alias “Come Clean”. This new direction for the artist may be another way to express his experience in the music industry, but you can clearly hear his past production techniques and favouritisms such as his ability to compliment the vocal with the instrumental so well, and credible sounds.

It was a pleasure working with Ansah, and check out his brand new single “One Minute”, under the Alias “Come Clean” now via Soundcloud;