Saffire Flamez comes from West Drayton in London, and a young, up and coming R&B singer. The female artist has been releasing work into the industry for nearly over 2 years now, and according to her Soundcloud and Youtube stats, she is receiving high appreciation for her work.

Although Saffire is not so active on her social media, her vocals and songwriting skills speak louder than any other action.

The Artist

By nature, and by perception to most listeners, Saffire is an R&B singer with a strong and well-controlled vocal. But others may notice that Saffire is also dipping her toe into other genres in the industry, for example House projects, Reggae, Pop and even Drum and Bass!

Very often, the industry dilutes artists and tells them to stick to one genre, or to “stay in the box”. But the multi-talented singer is going against those norms, and her ability to work with so many different genres is giving her the experience to develop her awesome vocal, that she knows how to control so well over any project that may fall onto her lap.

Her ability to connect with other collaborators/artists/producers in the industry also helps with her experience, and it is clear to see that Saffire is taking essential steps to evolve her foundation.

Geo Storm

Saffire Flamez came to ENTT Studios to record her hard-hitting, yet easy to listen to, R&B project Geo Storm. She previously collaborated with a producer in her college days, and wanted to remake this project with us.

Immediately, as soon as Saffire opens the track she is working with the instrumental, and the instrumental is complementing her vocal as well. There is plenty of space in the Mid/High frequencies to allow Saffire’s vocal to shine through, and put the cherry on top of the cake.

Her songwriting abilities shone in the studio as well, especially when she was recording the ad-libs and the harmonies. Being quick and efficient when recording small, but essential, parts to a project made it clear to us that the R&B artist is serious about her career and progressing, as well as building those important foundations.

What Next?

Well, Saffire is wanting to explore many different avenues in music, as we have already discovered. And she is wanting to collaborate with house, pop and R&B artists and producers to network and gain that experience as well.

It was a pleasure working with Saffire, and check out her brand new single “Geo Storm” now via Soundcloud;¬†