Grezzer is a UK Hip-Hop Artist, based in Herne Hill, London. The lyricist from South East London turned 23 in December and has been showcasing his skills for nearly two years, constantly promoting his sound, his vision and his abilities.

Since Grezzer first came to ENTT Studios, he has been working on promoting his image and letting his audience understand what truly makes the artist so special, as we have so rightfully discovered at the studio.

The Artist

Representing South East London, Grezzer wants to take his listener in a different direction compared to what you may hear on the modern day hip-hop and R&B charts. He enjoys listening to and writing to a lot of 90s hip-hop from State Side, and gets his inspiration from DJ Premier, Nas and The Notorious B.I.G to name a few.

The Hip-Hop Artist has an excellent flow, and has shown this on every track he has released. His style adapts to the type of beat that is basically presented in front of him, and then he is able to use his skills and his bank of talent to produce some great lyrical content.

His vocal fits like a jigsaw with a 90s hip-hop track, and from there Grezzer takes you on a journey that you really don’t want to stop. The artist is great when it comes to wordplay, as can be discovered with all of his previous content on his Soundcloud account.

Piece of Art

From what started out as a simple instrumental, Grezzer’s recording time at ENTT Studios produced one of his biggest successes yet. Grezzer’s Piece of Art truly represents the rapper’s skills and bank of talent. With recognition from a lot of areas in the UK, and even in the US, the artist went on from ENTT Studios to release more content and to boost his profile even further.

The video for Piece of Art has several thousand views, and showcases the culture and background that Grezzer wants to show his audience, representing South East London.

What’s Next?

Next on the MC’s List? Well, he wants to come back to ENTT Studios to add work onto his next full project/album. Grezzer has been wanting to release a batch of his new content, and find the right beats to record his lyrical genius over.

Listen to Piece of Art by clicking here;