IAMSUUBI is originally from Sweden and was born into music from a young age. Less than 3 years ago, the artist moved over to London to study and to focus on creating good music, meeting positive people and racking up some studio time.

From a young age, he has been heavily influenced by the influx of Hip-Hop and R&B in his community, looking up to the likes of Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Notorious B.I.G. and Frank Ocean.

The Artist

IAMSUUBI has a collection of many hats lets say, when it comes to the music industry. As well as being humble and having a collective mind, the Swede is a Producer, Singer and Songwriter. All three in which, at least from what we can see, he excels in 100% all the time when in the studio.

The multi-talented man is an excellent producer, again grasping his inspiration from a young age filled with Urban Music. He is all to understand what sells, but yet what still sounds credible. Hearing some of his work to be released, solidifies our belief in his production skills.

As a singer/rapper, it is clear to hear where his influence is from, but of course there is individuality to his work. His vocal abilities allow you to become comfortable with the artist transitioning from the easy and relaxed R&B singing vocal, to a hard hitting 90’s style rap-vocal. This raw talent actually draws you in and you start listening to the meaning… the words.

I DO (Prod. Felix)

Linking up with Swedish producer Felix, IAMSUUBI’s latest release is a perfect combination between very clever production and a vocal melody that doesn’t sound like it’s been thrown on top of the track, it blends in with the production extremely well. When it comes to the instrumental, the classic use of light synths and top lines and hard hitting drums and bass has been used to create a mood that compliments the meaning behind the artist’s lyrics.

The vocal melody is a highlight for us here, as straight away the Swede comes in showcasing to his listener the direction of this journey you have begun with him. With this track, the artist is basing the theme around love, relationships and breakups, and through this his content combines extremely well with the hard hitting instrumental.

What’s Next?

IAMSUUBI has recently been in the studio with ENTT working on a very cool concept, and the man has showcased his talent really well in these sessions.


Listen to IAMSUUBI’s latest single now on Spotify by clicking here;