Blackrein is a hip-hop/rap artist from Hackney, London, UK. The Londoner has reignited his career after 6 years away from the industry, and now he’s back with an old-skool style of rap.

Blackrein has recorded the majority of his latest projects with us at ENTT Studios, and although he’s recently released tracks of a more hip-hop nature, his latest teasers that have been revealed via social media, are more house/dance related, and a lot more clubby!

With the Londoner’s style of rap, his flows and structure, his ability to adapt to any style of track gives the artist opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. Blackrein has also been an extremely easy artist to work with, who’s always prepared when coming to the studio, know’s how he should sound and gives the best performance possible when recording.

Since coming back on the scene, the Londoner has released a number of projects including his most viewed on Link Up TV “CuzzyWuzzyWaitWait”, The ballad-style “Life Of Crime” and the UK Rap banger “Ages” with Adi Essex introducing Blackrein on the latter.

Blackrein has got plenty more prepared in the works, recording a variety of songs at ENTT Studios, and giving us a taste of what is really to come. The Wiley-style flows make blackrein have the potential to stick out from the crowd, and give his fans that reminiscence of old-stool rap.

Check out Blackrein’s latest single “Miss Rejective” right here;

Blackrein is also filming a brand new music video on 2nd November for his next single, find out more about that on his instagram;