As part of a new feature for the ENTT Studios Website blog, we thought it’d be good to put a spotlight on some of the upcoming talent we have seen coming through our facility, since launching back in January 2016.

Artists today are looking for ways to prove to professionals higher up the food chain, that they are worthy of an opportunity to progress with their career. This new feature will aim to help some of the most talented artists we have seen come out of ENTT Studios.

The Artist

David Kuperman, from Santa Barbara, California, first came to ENTT Studios in November 2016, looking to record some original projects. He arrived with his Acoustic Guitar, ready to record some very cool and chilled singer songwriter tracks. With his exceptional ability and skills on the guitar, and his true rough and ready vocal, David came out of the studio with five mixed projects. He has been highly praised back home in California and with others following ENTT Studios.

When recording with David, it was clear to see he was doing something he loved, and adapted his vocal to the way he played, ranging from putting on quite a soft vocal with a hint of grit about it on a love song, to a powerful vocal on a rock style acoustic track.

Backwood Bishops

The true-to-self vocalist returned to California from London in early 2017, and since then has rejoined with his band Backwood Bishops. He spent the Spring of 2017 in the studio working on the bands first debut and self released album “Bring Your Own”.

With hard hitting guitar leads and riffs, the Backwood Bishops are staying true to the Rock genre, yet they know exactly how to step outside of the box. “Runnin” is a great staple in the album that defines the genre that the Backwood Bishops follow by. In “New Funk”, they have incorporated a horn section that allows the listener to explore the ingenious ideas that the trio has, and with their aim to gain traction for their outstanding work.


Listen to Backwood Bishops debut album “Bring Your Own” out now;

Listen to David Kuperman’s recordings from ENTT Studios;