IAMSUUBI is a Swedish artist who has lived in London for a significant chunk of his life, and is making music with some great inspirations behind him such as Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, The Notorious B.I.G and Frank Ocean. As well as studying and working, the urban artist is making significant networking moves with producers and fellow musicians in London, and working on his foundations to prepare him for the future in his career.

First introduced to ENTT Studios through mutual connections, IAMSUUBI has been honing his ability to integrate his silky, well-controlled sung vocal to his hard-hitting, state-side influenced rap vocal, and his brand new EP gives you a real understanding of his hard work in this area.


The EP is a 7 track collection, with a remix of IAMSUUBI’s “There goes your girl” by Producer Casj Lee. The first thing you start to notice when you go through the EP is that IAMSUUBI retains to his roots, sticks to them like tar.. but then you also notice the formation of cross-genres happening.. we’re talking Trap, Dubstep, Rock and even dipping into Genric Pop. This clearly shows us that the Swede is taking a portion of his influence through his collaborations, and networking moves in London, and is a great example to any budding artist that wants to “stand out from the crowd” as they say, and to make a difference.

We start off with “Pressplay (Intro)” for the EP, and with this we can get a wiff… a taste of what this EP is about. Angelic sythnetic bells to fill out the background, the use of acoustic instruments up front, visually in the listeners face if you imagine a space with all of these instruments in. And then we have the drums which, as we see from the rest of the EP are hard hitting, bassy and they have a lot of attitude on them.

We are then treated to a bit of IAMSUUBI’s untouched vocals, and with soft ballad-type piano chords and sequences to complement the vocal abilities of the up and coming R&B/Hip-hop artist. Then the EP moves to it’s embodiment in Break Your Heart & Pick Up The Phone, and with these tracks, the pattern follows as with the Pressplay Intro. The flow of the whole EP makes sense now, as a listener you understand what atmosphere IAMSUUBI is trying to create for the listener, and bring them along on a journey down heartbreak, beautiful women and behind the scenes in his life.

There goes your girl, follows the cross genre combination of hip-hop and pop, where the ballot type piano is still pungent in the project, by is now complimented with a hard hitting synth bass that you may hear coming out of state-side rap. But it just works.. and the sung vocals by IAMSUUBI are so easy to follow with this piece of art, his melodies, his songwriting, the artist has worked hard to create a project that will easily be loved by clubbers, DJs, casual listener… the lot.

The Swedish singer has really combined his sung and rap vocals with IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN, gently gliding between the two. Creating catchy hooks, as they should be, and verses that can tell a story, and give the listener a visual representation of what is going through the mind of the man behind this music.

If you want to listen to IF NOT NOW THEN WHEN, listen here via Spotify;